Electrolux electric convectors are designed for your maximum comfort. Versatile installation and modern heating technologies make them ideal for use at home or in the office. They quickly heat up the air in the premise, maintain the required temperature and retain the natural humidity of the air to keep you warm at all times. Show all convectors
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ECH/AG2 series
Electrolux ECH/AG2 electric convector incorporates advanced heating technologies, which have become the guarantor of reliable operation and economy.
  • 3 times more economical* (*compared to conventional convectors with a mechanical control unit)
  • Wi-Fi control
  • Automatic smooth power control depending on the delta temperatures (set and actual in the premise)
  • HEDGEHOG heating element. Heating up 20% faster, super compact dimensions due to increased heat transfer, comfortable heat is achieved by a 15% lower temperature of the heating element. Service life is 25 years. Patented
  • Safe and reliable operation
ECH/AT series
ECH/AT convector series is a combination of innovative technology, years of experience and a bold approach to design by Electrolux climate professionals. Striving to create an aesthetically perfect, most comfortable and functional device, the team of engineers and designers was inspired by the future. ECH/AT is a new name in heating.
  • Modern silent heating element HEDGEHOG – reaches operating temperature 20% faster, has an ultra-compact size and increased heat transfer area. The HEDGEHOG heating element has a service life of 25 years
  • Ultra-precise electronic control unit of the new generation 4.0
  • Full size color display with capacitive touch buttons and open window sensor
  • Full-size 4D flow exhaust grille, evenly distributes heat throughout the entire area of ​​the room, which provides faster and smoother heating
EIH/S series
EIH/S is a convective infrared heater for connoisseurs of beauty and functionality in combination with the latest technical solutions. The impact-resistant glass bezel allows you to enjoy a unique design and ensure absolute safety.
  • ART GLASS impact-resistant glass;
  • Electronic control unit of generation 4.0 with full color display (individual programming, calendar 24/7, open window sensor);
  • 3 operating modes:
    Comfortable (from +5 to +35°С);
    Economical (4°C lower than "comfortable");
    Anti-freezing (maintaining +5°С);
  • 2 heating elements: micathermic heating element and heating element with innovative HEDGEHOG technology
ECH/T series
ECH/T series convectors are high-tech devices with advanced functionality for ultra-fast, efficient and comfortable space heating.
  • Monolithic heating element SX-DUOS
  • Aerodynamic body design
  • Built-in overheating protection
  • Double heating power: full and half
ECH/BM series
True connoisseurs of aesthetics in the interior will love the unsurpassed design of the shock-resistant glass-ceramic front panel, made in the form of natural stone. With the help of a new generation HEDGEHOG heating element of an oversize with a shell surface, the convector almost instantly heats the air in the premise to the optimum temperature.
  • 4th generation inverter control box
  • Patented digital INVERTER technology
  • Monolithic heating element of the new generation "HEDGEHOG"
  • Stream grid and monolithic metal air outlet mesh
  • Impressive design – premium marble effect
ECH/ECN series
Electric convectors of ECH/ECN series have trapezoidal shape of the corpus, because it specifically contributes to higher speed of convection and raises an efficiency of the heating. Wide at the base with smooth narrowing at upper part, convectors provide the convection of the air with higher speed, based on Homogeneous flow technology on account of which, flood of hot air evenly spreads inside convectional chamber.
  • Monolithic heating element SX-DUOS
  • Aerodynamic body design
  • Built-in overheating protection
  • Double heating power: full and half
  • HD air intake
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