Multi split systems

Multi-split systems are an ideal solution for multi-room apartments and country houses. The solution is ideal when there is no possibility of placing several outdoor units. A distinctive feature of these systems is the ability to connect several indoor units to one external one. Show all multi split systems
Multi split systems
4 pcs.
Outdoor units
Electrolux outdoor units are the ability to connect up to five indoor units, freedom in choosing the types of indoor units and reliable operation, even when the temperature outside the window is sub-zero.
  • High energy efficiency class for cooling and heating (A++/A+)
  • LAK winter set (stable operation from -22°C to +43°C) will allow you to use the system for heating in the off-season
  • Free layout system
  • Ability to connect up to 5 indoor units
Wall-mounted indoor units
Silent wall-mounted indoor units will be your assistant in creating a comfortable environment even in the bedroom or nursery, and useful functions such as memory of the position of the blinds or the "I-feel" function will make the control of the system simple and convenient.
  • Memory of blinds position
  • I Feel maintains the set temperature in the area where the remote control is located
  • Autonomous control and maintenance of a positive temperature in the house (+8°С)
  • Low noise level 23 dB(A)
Channel type indoor units
Thanks to its compact design and free layout system, you can install the system where it is convenient for you and connect up to five indoor units. Moreover, washable filters and high energy efficiency class A++ help you save energy and consumables.
  • Compact design
  • Ability to mix fresh air
  • Reusable washable filters
  • Wired remote included
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