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Electrolux embodies the most daring solutions in the field of water heating, created for people who keep up with the times and are not used to deny themselves the comfort of home. The range includes both electric storage and flow models, and gas water heaters.

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SI series

Electrolux SI series is an electric storage water heater with an enamelled inner tank, inverter control and a high energy efficiency class.

FA 2.0 series

Instantaneous water heaters FA 2.0 is convenient intelligent control and modern design.

MXM WiFi series

Models of MXM WiFi series are equipped with a USB connector for connecting a Wi-Fi module with the possibility of remote control.

S PRO series

Electrolux S Pro water heater is a professional powerful water heater designed for several taps.

AZR WiFi series

It is easy to control the heating of water in the car on the way from work. Wherever you are, the AZR WiFi series, with the ability to control via a mobile app, will give you a feeling of care, ease and comfort.

AQTRC 2.0 series

AQTRC 2.0 series — compact water heaters that, thanks to powerful copper spiral heating elements, quickly heat water.

AZR series

AQTRC DL 2.0 series

AQTRC DL 2.0 compact and reliable water heaters with electronic control and display, will provide accurate control of water temperature.

GLD series

GLD – a series of flat enamelled water heaters supplemented with new water treatment modes, power adjustment and universal installation.

SMFX 2.0 series

SMFX 2.0 is a choice of water heaters. If you want — just a tap or a shower, and if necessary — all together.

GLD Eco series

GLD Eco electric storage water heater with an ergonomic flat case and the possibility of universal installation will take its rightful place in your kitchen or bathroom.

Fmx DL series

These water heaters combine versatile installation and tank volume variation with modern heating technologies and advanced electronic controls. It allows you to control the water temperature with an accuracy of 1°C, without having to set the comfortable temperature anew every time.

Fmx series

Fmx series water heaters combine versatile installation, simple operation, durability and modern technology.

Q series

The water heater with its compact dimensions can be placed even in the most confined spaces. And thanks to the choice of models, both with bottom and top connections, the device can be installed depending on the place of water supply.

QS series

Convenient installation and simple operation. The small water heater is the ideal solution for small spaces.

QT series

Water heaters of the QT series, thanks to the classic round body, with a diameter of 34 cm, can be placed even in a small space.

Htr DL series

With Electrolux water heaters of the Htr DL series, you will always be with hot water at home, in the country or in the office.

Htr series

Water heaters of Htr series are reliable devices and high quality standards.

DR series

Reliable and modern water heaters made in a classic round case.

LRC series

Basic model in a classic round case is equipped with an ECO mode, a multi-stage security system.

Ttc series

In heaters, special attention is paid to safe and easy use. Thanks to modern technologies, the devices are equipped with overheating protection, and installation takes a minimum of time, because water heaters are easily installed on a sink or other solid horizontal surface, and to connect the power supply, you just need to insert the supplied Euro plug into the outle...
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